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Hello, and welcome to Naughty Muffin’s web page! We’re glad you’re curious about what this is. Naughty Muffin is an erotic roleplaying community, hosted on a good old fashioned MUSH engine! MUSH stands for Multi User Shared Hallucination (Or Habitat, or any number of other words that start with H). But that doesn’t mean anything or matter. What does matter is, you can connect to it, make a sexy character that matches your interests, list what sort of kinks you’d like to roleplay out, and meet others with similar interests! You can be anyone or anything you want. It’s not uncommon to find all sorts of vampires, dragons, robots, porn stars, or anything else you can imagine.

If any of that makes you more curious, and you’d like to investigate further, we’ve got a few pages in the sidebar that can help you get a little closer to us. We definitely wouldn’t mind~