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Naughty Muffin runs on a MUSH engine! That means you need to have a telnet client to connect to it and play. But don’t worry, just about every modern operating system has one, and there are numerous specially-made clients just for this type of game! You can even get plugins for them in your web browser, if you like.

For Windows users, we recommend MUSHClient or Potato. For Mac users, Potato is also a good choice.

For Linux, there may be a fair number of clients in your package manager of choice. Gnomud, Mudlet, and Kildclient are the most notable of them.

For Android users, there is Blowtorch and Mukluk in the Google Play store.

In Chrome, there’s an extension called DuckClient which might just work.

Once you’ve made your choice and have it installed, all you need to do is put this address into the connection field. PORT 2469

That is to say, put the first part in the address field, and the port in the port field. It should get you connected to us just like that. From there, you can connect as a guest, and our staffers will be happy to assist you in making a character.